Anti-Corruption Policy


Company implements Anti-Corruption and Anti- Bribery Policy as the guidance for the employee and the stake holders with the issuance of Directors Decree No. No.039.1/IATA-CSL/V/2016 dated 2 May 2016 regarding Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Regulation and Code of Conduct stipulated on 28 August 2018 by the Board of Directors.


Whistleblowing Reporting

Each report that occurred, which is reported along with the proof, will be handled and followed- up professionally.

Any violation related to HSE matters could be reported through while other violations could be reported orally, by mail or email to the direct supervisor by accompanied with witness or evidence.

The handling is carried out by special team to conduct observation or investigation concerning the received report. If the violation proves true, the violator will be sanctioned according to the applicable regulations. These sanctions aim to provide a deterrent effect against the violator and become a warning to those who intend to violate. The report can be delivered by employees through the medium of a sealed letter or email to the Board of Directors.


Protection for Whistle-blower

The Company’s management ensure the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity and the contents of which are reported as a form of protection. Guarantee of the confidentiality of can be used by employees to freely i.e offenses that occur without worrying identity is known. Employees who report proved correct and will be given an award from the Company as a form of honesty.


Complaint Handling

Reports submitted will be followed-up after the proofs completely collected and the mechanism for handling is carried out by special team headed by a Director of the Company.

  • Conduct investigation based on violation reported by collecting proofs and witness.
  • Analyzing information to create chronological proof related to violation reported. Investigation could be delegated to other divisions depend on the violation reported.