Fixed Wing

Fixed Wing


The Legacy 600 is based on the ERJ 135 model with the updated Mark I cockpit of the EMB-145. It features added range via extra fuel tanks in the tail behind the baggage compartment and forward of the wing, winglets, and an extensive drag reduction program. It has seating for 13 passengers in three partitioned sections, or seating for 19–37 in airline-style seats on the Legacy Shuttle. In the cockpit, the Legacy also includes a Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite, with a full glass cockpit.


Range: 3,400 nm (6,297 km)

(LRC, 4 passengers, 2 crew and NBAA IFR reserves with 200 nm alternate airport)

Mmo (Maximum Operating Mach): Mach 0.80

High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.80

Takeoff Distance: 5,614 ft (1,711 m)

(MTOW, Sea Level, ISA)

Unfactored Landing Distance: 2,685 ft (818 m)

(MLW, Sea Level, ISA)

Maximum Operating Altitude: 41,000 ft (12,497 m)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 49,604 lb (22,500 kg)

Maximum Landing Weight: 40,785 lb (18,500 kg)

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 35,274 lb (16,000 kg)

Maximum Payload*: 5,193 lb (2,355 kg)

Payload – Full Fuel*: 1,507 lb (684 kg)

Maximum Usable Fuel: 18,170 lb (8,242 kg)

Adopted fuel density 6.70 lb/US gal (0.803 kg/l)


The registration number of our Embraer Legacy 600 is PK-TFS.

ATR 42-500
ATR 42-500

ATR42-500 is a completely new design with many new improvements for performance and passenger comfort. It has new engines, new propellers, a newly designed cabin and increased weight capacity.

It has six-bladed propellers turned by PW127E engines rated at 2,400 shp 1,800 kw for improved hot and high performance and greatly increased cruise speed. The engines are flat rated for +45C. Propellers are completely electrically controlled and are made from composite material. It also has an increased maximum takeoff weight, allowing for more cargo and greater range (up to 1,500 nm). Due the six-bladed propellers and better insulation, it has a highly decreased noise level inside the cabin with new “elegance” style cabin. The newest version have CATII capability and dual Honeywell HT1000 FMS installation.

We have 1 (unit) ATR42-500 aircraft with registration number PK-THT.