PT MNC Infrastruktur Utama was established in 2012, with the majority shares are owned by PT MNC Energy Investments Tbk (99.99%) and the rest is owned by Koperasi Karyawan PT Bhakti Investama Tbk (0.01%).  The Company’s activities are focused on construction projects, such as highway, airports, ports (land and sea) and power plants (hydroelectric and steam).

The reason behind the establishment of PT MNC Infrastruktur Utama is the promising opportunities for achieving business growth in the mining infrastructure sector. As an airline company that serves mining industries, the Company recognizes the needs to build a strong network of infrastructure to support national mining industry, particularly coal mining, which includes highway and coal ports.

In addition to bringing strategic advantages for the Company’s growth in the future, the existence of PT MNC Infrastruktur Utama will provide significant assistance in the coal transportation process, either for the domestic or global needs. This will yield in a more efficient mining activity ad will be able to increase the overall productivity of national coal industry. One of the projects handled by PT MNC Infrastruktur Utama was the development of coal port in East Kalimantan and South Sumatera.

In 2015, the coal port of PT Nuansacipta Coal Investment – PT MNC Infrastruktur Utama is officially inaugurated. The infrastructure available at this port include crushing plant, tripper car, and barge loading conveyor, all of which are in operation. Thus, the port operation is not manually operated and thereby increasing the effectiveness of the operation of PT MNC Infrastructure Utama, mainly associated with the use of heavy equipment, diesel fuel and human resources.